candyglazed: Hey. My highschool is having a spring dance and I wanted to do something special with my nails. I have really pale skin almost like a vampire, so some colors flush me out. Could you help me? Thanks. 

Hi :)

First, thank you so much for your question. I’m really moved that you want advices from me :)

I hope I could help you because I only have a blog with images of pretty art nails, I don’t really do some myself…

But like I have a porcelain skin, I can perhaps help you a little.

First, you could avoid green, mint, sea green or turquoise colors… except if it’s a really deep green or really baby green but not in all the nail.

Second, it will depend of the color and the style of your dress. I’m sure you know that already, but be careful to associate your nail art to your dress color and style.

  • If you have a romantic dress, use lace style, bow, “diamond”, sweetie stickers nail like flowers…
  • if your dress is more modern or special, don’t hesitate to try funny things.

Concerning the color of the dress :

  • it can be the same color or a color of the same family but with lighter or deeper tone  (if your dress is deep pink, you can use a lighter or a deeper pink, for example).
  • You can also use complementary color (with a pink dress, you can use white, blue, pale lilac… but for a complementary color, to remind the color of your dress, try to add a little touch of  it).

With your type of skin, you have two choices on a daily basic or for an event like your dance :

  1. use really pastel colors: powder pink, white, baby blue, pale lilac  or a combination of those colors… that will give you an ethereal style. (see this, this, this or that for example)
  2. use warm colors but not flashy ones because with a so pale skin you will really seem like a vampire (except if it’s the desired effect^^). You could use deep or dark green, deep or dark blue, deep or dark purple, plum, deep or dark pink… you must add a light source on it to soften the effect… glitter, a “diamond”,… you can also do a french manucure with pastel color on the most of the nail and on the french, you add the deep blue or deep purple… (like this, this or that)

I really hope this will help you.:)

Please, could you send me a picture of what you will choose? I will be glad to discover it.

Have a nice day. Enjoy your Spring dance :)